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Ladera Verdi -  Aeranthes Ramosa 
artist: Ladera Verdi
album: The Subliminal Laceration 
year: 2005
catalog #: pd005
Track Listing
1.  stressed for removal
2.  junisja soul
3.  the padrashi incident
4.  encephalin
5.  time collapsed ocean floating
6.  devised division (dance incomprehensive)
7.  escape wooden prison
8.  salinda goda dri
9.  eon, return from comatose
10.  anotamia
11.  memory lover (energy illusion)
12.  infinity has deceived us
13.  bless our malformations
14.  reliean black meat
15.  aeranthes ramosa
16.  rendering her voice from the ocean (electronic voice phenomena)
17.  chaos stem
18.  convolutions and sulci on the internal surface of cerebral hemispheres
19.  compacion nerviosa
20.  evolve into solitude
21.  madre selva
22.  limbilia zen
23.  azure dejira

Total Play Time: 1hr, 5min, 4sec
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