Notice: All plugins on this page are made for the PC platform with Jeff McClintock`s SynthEdit and use the default skin. Use at your own risk.

Roland® SH-09 Monosynth Emulation - Class: VSTi - screenshot

Roland does not endorse this plugin. I created it simply because i once owned one, and wanted it still as part of my arsenal, and now yours too. It comes with a LFO modulator with random step voltage and can be used to modulate the oscillator, the filter, and the pulse width. Also includes an invert switch for the envelope, which can modulate the filter and pulse width, as well as the amplifier. Includes the *.se1 file for end-user modifications.

postDawn MIDI-controlled Filter - Class: VSTfx - screenshot

This little ditty is a switchable state variable/Moog filter. A MIDI input allows the cutoff to be altered by MIDI note information, including pitch and velocity. Also, there`s a clocked randomness function just for good measure. Useful for timbral decadence.

postDawn IDMer - Class: VSTi - screenshot

A simple 8-file drum machine (WAV only) that can tempo sync loop on the fly.

postDawn stomploop - Class: VSTfx - screenshot

A stompbox phrase sampler.

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Legal stuff:

VST plugin technology by Steinberg.

VST is a trademark of Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH.


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